Hydrotherapy & Balneology

The therapeutic application of hot and cold water to the body.


Cold Arm baths



cold water treading



Sheet wraps





short wraps


Dr. Zimmerman has extensive training in German balneology, in the tradition of father Sebastian Kneipp. She studied at various treatment facilities throughout Bavaria and completed coursework at the Sebastian Kneipp School in Bad Worishofen in a variety of advanced hydrotherapy techniques. She is trained in North American hydrotherapy methods, particularly the use of Constitutional Hydrotherapy in the lineage of Dr. O.G. Caroll, Dr. Harold Dick, & Dr. Letitia Dick-Kronenberg. This method involves the application of alternating hot and cold towels to the abdomen and back, along with the use of a sine wave electrical stim machine. In practice she administers wraps, soaks, and constitutional hydrotherapy, and trains her patient's in a variety of at-home therapies.